Enhancing In-Car Listening With a Global Broadcast Ecosystem


In the car, an infotainment experience that seamlessly blends traditional AM and FM stations with IP-delivered metadata can help broadcasters maximize audio market share, as some of the largest tech players compete for control of the dashboard.

How can you ensure your hybrid platform is truly global, scalable and stands out from the crowd?

  Xperi’s Joseph D’Angelo, SVP of Broadcast Radio, provides the answer and more in “Enhancing In-Car Listening With a Global Broadcast Ecosystem,” recorded for The Future of Audio on June 24. Hosted by Matt Deegan, Founder and Creative Director of Folder Media, the session covers the reasons why hybrid radio is the future of in-vehicle audio and delves into some of the must-haves for successful deployment.


Key takeaways from the discussion include:

  • Audiences crave simpler infotainment. “We’re seeing such a proliferation of content right now… and it makes discovery a real challenge.” A hybrid radio platform like DTS AutoStage™ can help consumers navigate today’s countless infotainment choices more easily. By making it simpler to toggle between digital offerings and your programming, you can satisfy demand and contribute to radio’s continuing relevance in the car.
  • Absolutely critical to discovery? Metadata. “How are you going to find what you want to listen to without descriptive metadata?” Dynamic text-based information on what’s playing now, plus deep artist details, program info and lyrics spanning analog and digital sources, help people discover favorites old and new, and keep them coming back for more.
  • Hybrid radio is a major differentiator. “There’s so much choice, and so much competition for air share in the dash.” With AI-powered enhanced metadata, deepen engagement, facilitate navigation and promote valuable content with rich supporting imagery, recommendations and local information. Cross-station suggestions within the platform help listeners stick with your service.
  • Deliver more value to advertisers.
“It’s an incredible opportunity for broadcasters and advertisers alike.” Hybrid radio unlocks higher-value ad placements with more advanced targeting, as well as new monetization opportunities. With privacy-compliant data analytics on the back end, you can better understand your audience – the first step toward targetability.

  • Solutions exist to ease the transition. “Broadcasters really need to be everywhere and take advantage of all these platforms.” Xperi has successfully aggregated content from nearly 100,000 radio stations around the world, harmonized all their descriptive and dynamic information and imagery, and integrated it with the DTS AutoStage global hybrid radio platform. We’re well positioned in the ecosystem to help OEMs build a custom solution, as a partner to broadcasters with relationships with the major digital and automotive players.