Xperi @ Radio Days Europe: Outgunned and Outmanned – Radio’s Existential Battle for the Dash


On Oct 11, Xperi’s own Joe D’Angelo, SPV of Broadcast Radio and Digital Audio, attended the marquee European broadcaster event, Radio Days Europe to deliver a presentation on the threats broadcast radio is facing in the car.

Titled “Outgunned and Outmanned: Radio's Existential Battle for the Dash,” the presentation covered what radio can do to fight back against Big Tech.

Broadcast: Leverage your dominance in the car and exploit Digital Radio (HD Radio / DAB+)
Digital: Be everywhere – have an integrated and extensible digital strategy
Programming: Continue to generate great programming, METADATA and exploit new opportunities
Measure: Improve attribution and measurement
Partner: Build partnerships and deploy technology that provide meaningful competitive capabilities

Watch now for insights you can use as you shape your strategy.