Xperi at Radio Days Europe



In a nod to the current pandemic realities, the much awaited Radio Days Europe 2020 conference is back on in hybrid mode, 9-11 October 2021. You may attend either in person in Lisbon, Portugal, or join the Xperi team virtually. Join our experts as they discuss the future of radio in the cars and what radio can do to remain relevant and prominent as in-vehicle screens get bigger and consumer expectations change.

Session 1:
Bob Dillon, Xperi’s SVP of DTS AutoStage will be a panelist for a session on “Creating the Hybrid Radio Experience in Cars”
October 10, 2021
10 AM EDT / 15:00 GMT+1

Session 2:
Joe D’Angelo, Xperi’s SVP of Global Radio and Digital Audio will talk about what radio can do to fight back against Big Tech in his presentation titled “ Outgunned and Outmanned: Radio's Existential Battle for the Dash”

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