Xperi at IEEE BTS Pulse Virtual Event: HD Radio and DTS Autostage


IEEE Pulse Hero

2022 IEEE Pulse will be held March 8-10 and will take place virtually.

The IEEE-BTS March Pulse Event covers Transmission, Reception, Virtualization and Network Security spread over three days for two hours each day. Subject matter experts from across the globe will describe the current state of affairs in each these topics of interest facilitated by well-known leaders in the industry.

On day one, Xperi’s Staff Engineer Paul Peyla will present on All-Digital HD Radio™ Broadcasting using Advanced FM Service Modes.

Asbstract: A new set of advanced FM service modes has been developed to ensure radio’s long-term viability while meeting emerging market demands. These new service modes employ quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) to afford significant increases in data capacity. Many of these service modes can be applied to all-digital transmissions. This presentation provides a technical description of some all-digital waveforms, along with preliminary field test results that indicate robust signal coverage and substantial data throughput using a fraction of the power required for hybrid or analog FM broadcasts.

On day two, Xperi’s Joe D’Angelo, SVP of Global Radio and Digital Audio will present a session titled: DTS AutoStage: A Look Under the Hood.

Abstract: During this session we will take a deep dive into the DTS AutoStage platform. The only global hybrid radio system, purpose built to meet the needs of automakers & broadcasters and the expectations of today’s digital audience. Learn about the complexity and systems required to aggregate content from over 80,000 radio stations around the world, curate and enrich the information and seamlessly deliver a consistent, global radio experience, all within 500 milliseconds.

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