Watch Now: In-Vehicle Localization and Personalization With TiVo’s Music Metadata


With ~30 terabytes of data generated by every connected car, and an expected footprint of 2 billion connected cars by 2025, broadcasters and automakers have a tremendous opportunity to harness user information to maximize engagement and value. And, they can do so in a way that up-levels the in-car experience while maintaining privacy.

Xperi’s Chris Ambrozic, VP of Discovery for TiVo, was tapped by WorldDAB Automotive 2021 for its fourth session, “It’s All About Data,” to discuss how the same techniques and technologies driving localization and personalization in the living room can inspire and optimize in-vehicle infotainment experiences, including digital radio.

Watch the recording to learn the top three considerations you should be thinking about when it comes to data-driven services, and how personalization can both unlock revenue and bolster brand loyalty. Topics and takeaways include:
  • Proven results with personalization. “When personalization is utilized, we see people watching about 25 percent more content.” On the video side, viewers churn about three times less when the recommendations experience is tailored to the individual or household. Apply that concept to the car, and you can deliver a series of carousels algorithmically, based on what the user enjoys listening to, to keep customers loyal.
  • The increasing relevance of cross-content recommendations. “What I listened to on a radio station may influence what gets recommended to me on one of my streaming services.” The idea of recommendations spanning multiple types of media is not new in the world of video, and there is a parallel opportunity in automotive. With deep, AI-powered metadata, you have the ability link stations to songs, movies to podcasts and so on, and even integrate suggestions for related local events.
  • Context-aware experiences are the future. “The car should know.” What time of day is it? Are the kids in the car? What happens on the road in the morning is very different than what occurs in the afternoon, or during the weekend versus a weekday. Context awareness combined with occupant profiles can predict the most appropriate infotainment for a given situation, including music, news, podcasts and children’s programming. In other words, the vehicle knows what the occupants want, before they do.
  • While personalization is key, privacy is critical. “All recommendation platforms need to strike that careful balance.” Infotainment systems need to recognize the data enabling tailored experiences while shedding any personally identifiable information, in compliance with privacy standards such as GDPR, CCPA and others.
  • Maximize the value of data with A/B testing. “You want to bring the data-driven decisions, because that's the only way of knowing.” An intelligent analytics dashboard that allows for A/B testing is just one example of how to tailor, optimize and further monetize the information garnered from a next-gen in-car experience.
  • Higher-value monetization opportunities are possible with data. “The war for the ears is on.” The end game: being able to monetize and deliver the right type of experience, not only from a content standpoint but also an advertising point of view, will be a success factor in the future of the dashboard experience.

TIVo, part of Xperi, brings entertainment together in an iconic experience that has dominated the living room for decades. Today, TiVo’s deep roots helping people find, watch and enjoy what they love on TV is inspiring next-gen infotainment in the connected car. Learn more: