Watch Now: Explore the Future of Automotive Infotainment


Recent developments in the connected car entertainment experience are exploding what you thought you knew about automotive infotainment, music streaming and hybrid radio.

Tune in to this impactful video from the Future Networked Car Symposium to learn where the in-car infotainment and connected radio are heading – and how you can take advantage of the connected car revolution.

Xperi’s VP of Engineering Paul Venezia explores the benefits greater bandwidth will have on the future of next-gen infotainment.

“The growing prevalence of robust cellular data connections to the vehicle…is really the key to delivering a lot of these enhanced services,” Paul says. “Beyond just radio and audio, we get into a bunch of future-looking products that are related to video and…other markets that weren't normally available to cars.”

Learn how DTS Connected Radio and DTS AutoStage can enhance your connected car services and solutions during this insight-fueled video.

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