Watch Now: Amplify the Benefits of Android TV™


It takes more than just an Android TV device to build an experience your customers will want to use day after day.

Tune in to this session from the latest DTVE Digital Symposium and gain valuable insight into how operators can amplify the benefits of their Android TV deployment and take full advantage of a cloud infrastructure.

Digital TV Europe’s editor Stuart Thomson leads the discussion where Omdia’s Fateha Begum reveals the need for a superior user experience as Android TV shifts consumers’ behaviours and expectations. While Nic Wilson, TiVo’s Head of Customer Success, and Steve Mathesius, Director of Technology Integration for TDS Telecommunications, explore the transformative value of cloud-based solutions like TiVo’s Next-Gen Platform.

“It’s not about monetizing at the expense of the user,” says Nic Wilson. “It’s about monetizing in a way that enhances the user experience.”

Learn how to build on the Android TV platform to bring new opportunities that capitalise on shifting media consumption habits during this insight-packed session.