The Future of Infotainment: A Radio-Centric Approach


The webinar took place on March 24th, 2021, was hosted by TU Automotive’s Principal Analyst Steve Bell and featured Xperi’s own Bob Dillon, SVP of Automotive Connected Media and Joe D’Angelo, SVP of Broadcast Radio.

During a lively 1-hour conversation, the webinar examined the nascent hybrid radio market from an automotive industry perspective and looked at the challenges impacting players in the ecosystem, assessed the evolving business model, and the resultant adoption of hybrid radio technology and related services.

Joe D’Angelo and Bob Dillon talked about Xperi’s DTS AutoStage hybrid infotainment platform.

Some of the highlights:

Joe D’Angelo underscored the key elements that are critical to building a hybrid radio solution and how DTS AutoStage stands out: “Content, the delivery of that content and then ensuring continuing innovation. […] One of the primary differentiators of the ecosystem that we’ve developed and are offering to broadcasters and car companies [is] this continuous innovation and an opportunity to provide an alternative to what big tech is trying to do in the car. This platform has been designed to allow this continuous and rapid innovation. We can run these new services right in and get the benefits in existing radios in the field.”

Bob Dillon zeroed in on the interplay between the seen and the unseen features of DTS AutoStage. Specifically, he said: “We tend to think of a service like this as delivering only stuff you see. Just as important from a content perspective is the stuff you don’t see.”  He also added that “below the water metadata is just as important as the above the water [visual] metadata in enhancing this experience.”

You may also download TU Automotive’s Slide Deck Handout and the DTS AutoStage Slide Deck handout.