‘Privacy by Design’ Next-Gen In-cabin Sensing


Not long ago, consumers would choose cars based on the exterior appearance and engine power, while the interior had little to no influence on the decision to buy. Under the pressure of most recent laws and regulations around speed limits & safety, this is trend is changing  as consumer focus from exterior to interior features and comfort. More regulations will come into effect with regards to both interior occupants safety as well as exterior pedestrian safety, forcing the OEMs to build more and more intelligent cars & sensing capabilities. Drunk driving, driving under the influence, bio-signs monitoring, there are only few examples of such required sensing capabilities of the future, allowing for more safety and personalized entertainment. While some or all of those sensing capabilities can be implemented with traditional imaging systems, is there going to be a concern for privacy? How "privacy by design" sensing solution can look like for automotive area?

WHEN: Monday, July 12, from 11:30 – 12:00 EST