Nextv Series Europe & CEE 2021


Patrick Byrden, TiVo VP of Business Development & Strategy, was a featured panelist for the Nextv Series Europe & CEE 2021 discussion entitled Churn & Retention Best Practices for TV & Video Services.

Patrick joined Mehdi Belhaj from Vodafone Germany and Scott Favelle from Seven West Media for a virtual session moderated by Sa Eva Nébié from Dataxis. 

When viewed as a consequence instead of a target, TV and video service subscriber churn can be addressed proactively. The panelists discussed preventive measures for meeting consumer expectations to reduce churn, including:

  • cultivating direct relationships with subscribers
  • assessing satisfaction among at-risk users
  • effective UX 
  • personalization
  • aggregated/integrated metadata, and superior content discovery tools
  • maximizing advanced voice search
Watch the video now.