Watch Now: 2021 Next Audio Europe Series – Can Radio Dominance Last Forever?


Xperi’s Senior VP of Broadcast Radio, Joe D’Angelo, was featured on a panel of experts for the Next Audio Europe 2021 discussion entitled Car Audio: Can Radio Dominance Last Forever?

Joe joined Laurence Harrison from Radioplayer and Jacqueline Biehorst from WorldDAB for a discussion moderated by the journalist Cecilia Lagos.

Though radio is still very much dominant in cars, in Joe’s words, “It's the largest consumed audio medium in the vehicle, but it is clearly under threat.” With this in mind, the panelists discussed topics including:
  • What the new European Electronic Communications Code means for car manufacturers and service providers
  • The transition to digital audio and embracing the change
  • The importance of metadata, especially with voice search
  • In-vehicle competition between broadcasters and audio streaming services
  • The components of an optimized in-car user experience

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