As Android Automotive becomes increasingly popular with some OEMs, can radio ensure it has a seat at the table? While the path forward isn’t always clear, Xperi is leading the way by bringing broadcaster interests front and center, via its latest NAB Pilot global initiative.

Watch “Global, Open and Available – A Broadcaster-Led Initiative for Radio on Android Automotive,” from the second session of WorldDAB Automotive 2021, to see Xperi’s Joseph D’Angelo, SVP of Broadcast Radio, interview Google’s Guru Nagarajan, Engineering Manager, Android™ Automotive. During their discussion, they explore the ins and outs of the Android Automotive OS platform, and the opportunities it offers to broadcasters and OEMs alike.

Key takeaways from their conversation include:

  • Radio is a priority for Android Automotive. “We continue to be very excited about broadcast radio.” With regard to advancing the user experience, Google can bring in more capabilities and provide a platform that allows partners like Xperi and others to innovate. The APIs have been enhanced so the system can not only present and curate personalized content, but also do so in a privacy-centric way.
  • Upcoming releases are designed with partners in mind. “This is to help our partners customize the user interface.” Later this year, look for enhanced the security on the top of what has already been built over the last few years. Google will be introducing a new automotive UI toolkit as well as new APIs allowing greater context awareness and localization. Development is well underway.
  • Collaboration has been essential to success. The user experience is richer when we have a broad set of tools, partners and innovation. With roughly 75 million lines of code, Android Automotive has benefitted from partner contributions, helping Google and the industry at large meet user demands for a seamless, next-gen listening experience. Tapping Silicon Valley, leading automakers and service providers like Xperi, Google continues to seek out partnerships to power its expansive platform.
  • Android Automotive provides the foundation for seamless listening. “We’re working on some amazing features.” Recently, Android Automotive added support for audio zones and advanced audio effects. Outside of infotainment, surround view was introduced, including rich support for telemetry to help users understand what’s around the car.
  • Partner relationships expand the platform’s footprint. “It’s a very important representative group.” Broadcasters within Xperi’s footprint represent 7,000+ radio stations with close to 750 million weekly listeners on four continents, accounting for roughly 42 percent of all vehicles sold worldwide. Xperi technology has been deployed in over 100 million cars. With Android-enabled video households as part of its footprint, Xperi is present throughout the entertainment ecosystem – and just one of the many partners collaborating on the Android Automotive OS platform.

Xperi is a leader in connected car solutions. Built on the largest and deepest dataset of broadcast and music metadata, Xperi’s DTS AutoStage™ is a global hybrid solution that combines linear broadcast with IP-delivered content for a richer, more personalized in-cabin infotainment experience. The award-winning DTS AutoSense™ suite of edge-based AI technologies provides in-cabin sensing, including occupancy and driver monitoring, plus advanced insights to ensure the safety and comfort of the driver, passengers, pets and objects.