Alternative Image Sensors for Intelligent In-Cabin Monitoring, Home Security and Smart Devices



The traditional approach for in-cabin-monitoring uses cameras that capture only visible or near-infrared (NIR) light and are designed to represent a scene as closely as possible to what a human expects to see at a constant frame rate. But visible or NIR light represents only a small fraction of the information available to us, and frames gather both wanted and unwanted information without regard to changes in scenes, wasting computation and missing important temporal details.

Alternative sensing paradigms such as event cameras and thermal cameras can be used to overcome some of these limits and enable features that would not be possible with a conventional camera. This presentation details the use of alternative image sensors for enabling new features and capabilities for in-cabin monitoring, home surveillance and smart cameras. Improved energy efficiency, better results in low light conditions and new safety features are some of the key benefits of these alternative sensing methods.

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